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Jazz’elles is an all-female jazz vocal ensemble, created in Lyon in 2013 by Jean-Claude Wilkens. After the CD « Jazz’elles » and Jean-Claude decided to stand back  the group has evolved :  a smaller format, but still the desire to raise the colors of various styles : swing, latin, ballad, pop.

How it all began

In 2013, Jean-Claude Wilkens decided to create a vocal jazz group. A few auditions later he and Hervé Noirot, his faithful pianist partner, were surrounded by some lady singers, coming from Belgium, the South of France, the Alps and Lyon, then three professional musicians and a sound engineer have completed the group. Steve Zegree honored us with becoming the godfather of the group.

The next six years allow the group to participate in many concerts or competitions in France or in Europe with an enthusiasm and a pleasure to sing together never denied. 2019 marks the evolution of the group towards a new aesthetic.



The singers come from very different artistic backgrounds.

Some are professional musicians, some are passionate jazz lovers and have a long practise of singing in choir and/or jazz.

Most of them were already present in 2013, when Jazz’elles was created and all are delighted to be able to continue this friendship and jazz story.

Alice Mortagne

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Alice explores many universes and repertoires, according to encounters and desires.

She is able to perform succesfully as a jazz singer, a pop-folk bassist or pianist accompanist. Curious about all forms of expression, she also practices classical dance, tap dancing and theatre.

As a choir conductor with a passion for arranging, she has been collaborating with various ensembles, directing and training singers for many years in the Lyon region.

Her curriculum led her to the Conservatoire d'Avignon for classical piano and musical training, and to the ENM de Villeurbanne for choir conducting, singing, harmony and jazz arrangement. She brings to Jazz’elles her experiment in these fields.

Jean-Claude Wilkens

In parallel to mathematical studies, Jean-Claude Wilkens studied music. His career as a music teacher quite quickly gave way to a career in cultural management for various musical organizations.

Even though his professional activities are closely linked to choral music and its actors, Jean-Claude Wilkens has always considered conducting to be a hobby, the passion of an amateur, in the noble sense. He has won many international competitions with the vocal ensemble Hodie, female choir which he founded in 1988. He has also been directing Ladies in Jazz and Polyphème, and created and conducted Jazz’elles from 2013 to 2019.

He remains at the disposal of the group as an external eye and arranger.


Jazz'elles has performed in the Lyon area and across France, Germany and Belgium.Their initial repertoire of jazz, salsa, pop, ballad has grown and turned to more contemporary pieces.


Upcoming concerts

Still to be patient !

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